A number of people have asked me over the last few years, "Why do you want to live in Ukraine?"

Today I read an article about corruption in Ukraine. You can read this interesting article from the Kyiv Post here, but I was reminded how deeply ingrained bribery and corruption are in Ukrainian thinking and culture.

I reflected on an interesting situation on a train back in 2005. I wrote about the experience of two Russians telling me that this was the way they liked it (train experience). But what will I ever do to change the corruption I hate. Probably nothing. My life will just be that little more difficult because I refuse to be like them. Maybe it's just a case of pig-headed self righteousness or an unwillingness to accept my new culture. Or maybe it is the right thing to do.

Regardless, I live in Ukraine, because of people. Ease of living, money, career, stable government etc. etc. are nothing compared to real relationships with real people. In Rzhyshchiv I have a family of brothers and sisters whom I love and who love me. Corruption is just like a speed bump along life's journey if I keep my focus in the right place.