Today is Saturday evening and since Wednesday afternoon I have been staying with the Marianciuc family in Siret, Romania.
I have been inside most of the time and done very little; sleeping, eating, watching movies, playing computer games, reading and crosswords. I've hardly been outside. So I just decided to head up to the shops to buy some bananas and ice-cream as a treat for dessert. I put on my hat and scarf and gloves and jacket, and was surprised at how cold I felt. When I got back, Jonny informed me that it was minus 9 degrees outside.
so I think I'll stay indoors.
I have eaten lots of fried pig fat and must say it tastes great.
maybe my holiday will get more exciting to write about later - but honestly, less exciting probably means less dramas and I can do without them right now.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up

Jono Miller
Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 73:28