I have a new international career.
I'm writing this BLOG sitting in a dingy little underground bar that's pumping out "we built this city on rock and roll". I'm eating something that is supposed to look like pizza and drinking lemon fanta.

My location - Xelm, Poland.

I'm here just a few hours before the next train back to Kyiv. It was necessary for me to exit Ukraine having been back here for 6 months already.

(INSERT: - I just bent my fork on the pizza - it could be a chore to eat it!)
Anyhow back to the story; it seems like it was a train full of petty crims smuggling cigarettes across the border. These two ladies were busy hiding boxes of cigarettes all over the train - in full view of everyone, conductors included. The customs people were on to something and we were delayed about an hour while they looked around, pulling half a cabin apart. Then once we were through the border it was a race for them to retrieve all the ciggies before they got out at the next stop. I was watching (as was everyone) and as one girl was undoing the ceiling panel to get some, she said "here hold this", so I held open the bag while she tossed in the cigarettes from up in the ceiling. I found it all rather amusing.
One day a revolution against corruption - the next day - corruption on all levels. But people think it only counts as wrong if its big $$$s.
Well it was only cigarettes - not diamonds!
P.S. I don't think I'll order another pizza here.

Jono Miller