Well I’m back from holidays and with 101 things to do, I’m finally sitting down to answer my 71 emails. So I decided to cheat. I’m going to write this same paragraph to everyone. Hopefully you’ll get another sentence or two as well, but if not I’m sorry.

Hey let me tell you about today.

It is minus 6 now and I think it’s been about the same all day. The forecast is for minus 15-20 over the next few days.

So anyhow, I got up at 5:45, had a shower, dressed warmly and walked up the hill to Dan’s.

I headed home about midday, warmed up the van and headed off to get the exhaust pipe fixed (it fell off on Monday). I found a guy who would weld it for me but he said I first needed to take the muffler off and bring it to him and then he would fix it. So after asking around I found a pit near the service station and parked my van on top of it and got underneath to attempt to remove the muffler. It was much harder than I expected and I was starting to get really cold and my fingers were freezing and becoming useless. I eventually got it off and took it to get fixed. He did a good job and charged me about $5. I then got the muffler reattached and asked the guy if he would do another job for me. So it was a race home to get the furnace. But I didn’t have the tools I needed. A couple of visits to a couple of neighbours and I eventually got the furnace out to the van. He fixed that in about 10 minutes and charged me nothing.

By now it was 4pm so I stopped at the sports centre on the way home for athletics training. I was supposed to run 4 kms but only ran 2. Then we played soccer in the snow for about 20 minutes before I headed home to reattach the furnace. We had some leaks as one of the washers had perished. Sasha helped me make one out of a plastic lid from a jar. The heating is all working again now. I had a shower, cooked dinner (rice and yesterdays left over stew), and now I’m sitting on the couch typing this to YOU! It’s about 8:30 pm.

Guess that’s more than enough from me.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up
Jono Miller