This morning marked the opening of the 42nd parliament of Australia. Incoming Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, delivered his first speech and first commitment as Prime Minister of Australia.

He said sorry.

He apologised to the Aboriginal people of Australia for the crimes and injustices committed against them in past generations. I was impressed with his speech.

If you did not hear it, I encourage you to click here to read it on the web, and at least please read the story he told of Nanna Nungala Fejo.

Mr Rudd told Nanna Fejo's heartbreaking story but then finished by repeating her wishes. She said that for her the most important thing to be remembered and emphasised over this whole issue - is a mother's love.

A child should have a mother's love and a mother should have the right to love her child.

At the end of his speech Kevin Rudd was given a standing ovation. Listening to it on radio brought tears to my eyes and a strong welling up in my heart of the need for humans to be humane above having so many other good qualities(economic, philosophic, political etc.)

Although I hesitate to be negative, I was disappointed with Brendan Nelson's (opposition leader) reply. It seemed that he wanted to give an apology with strings attached. The importance of being 'right' appeared to rank higher than the brotherhood of acceptance. It was a pity.

I also looked back on the long and notable career of John Howard. I wondered what he felt watching today's ceremony, having chosen to decline the invitation to attend. I wonder if he realises that he missed out on such an opportunity by refusing to apologise.

I most probably will never be a politician. I cannot speak with authority on the intricacies of what politicians should and shouldn't say or do.

I know very few Aboriginal folk. I doubt any Aboriginal is reading this page. But if you are, I want to say sorry. I have heard just a few of your stories and they make me cry. I want to put my arms around you and say sorry, to just cry on your shoulder and let you cry on mine. Then I want us to brush off our tears, and to walk into the future TOGETHER.