The heart and the mind want to divide

Why can't they just live side by side?

I see what I see and love what I know

I think I know where I want to go.

But alone at night as I sit and ponder

My heart and my mind begin to wander.

One travels around the world and back

While the rest of me feels out of whack.

And then it hits me in the head

Lying there upon my bed

"Why are you trying on your own

When you placed Me upon the throne?

I am here to sort it out

So what is all this worry about?"


Thats an awesome pome -- love it & completley understand it all!!
Can I copy it?

1 decade ago

yeah sure you can copy it
thanks for the comment
its my desire to be simple and to be real

1 decade ago

I Love it.
I Love the honesty, the simplicity, the morality.

1 decade ago