Went to the football (soccer) last night.
It was Ukraine vs. Scotland and a qualifier for Euro 2008. I bought 15 tickets a couple weeks back and had a whole bunch of friends from here and Kyiv going. I also had a Scottish mate living in Ukraine come and stay before the game and help get me pumped up and enthusiastic for the game. He gave me a Scottish flag, hat and make do imitation kilt. Seeing as I have Scottish blood (I think my great Grandfather – is that right Mum?) I decided that supporting the Scots would be the way to go.

Simeon (Scottish mate) and I had a great time around the city before the game. We must have had our photo taken with well over 100 people. He left me at the gates to go the Scottish section where he had a ticket. I went to my section and found my Rzh friends there, but the police decided that as I was dressed in Scottish outfit it would be dangerous for me to sit there. They first came and told my friends around me to make sure they didn’t touch me (quite funny) then they decided in fact to move me.

Dan and I tried to persuade them otherwise for about 20 minutes but in the end I had to go and sit in the Scottish section. I found Simeon so that was ok.
But after they game they had us all surrounded by police in riot gear and kept us in the stadium for about 30 mins and then slowly marched us out and keeping us all in one big group (about 3-4000) marched us off to one of the Metro stations. Dan was back in Rzh as I was leaving Kyiv!!

I must say the Scottish fans were very well behaved and have a good reputation not like the English!

But I’d rather go to the rugby any day – there you get treated like a human being not like cattle.

So what else is new?

I have got the furnace working in the house – so it is nice and warm inside – about 10 degrees outside. The leaves are falling out of the trees and making a huge mess outside. I raked and swept the other day and later the same day there were stacks of leaves all over the front porch. – I plan to do a bit of burning off this arvo or tomorrow.

I have a new house mate. Kolya’s cousin Andrei (nick name Fanta) has come to live and work in Rzh. He looked for a place to live but couldn’t find one so he is going to shift into Kolya’s room. My house will be a busy place again. Some day I feel like a house wife, cooking, cleaning etc.

Ok that’s enough

Love ya
Keep Looking Up