Down the track
Through the trees
Think I’ll do eight today
Left at the top of the steps
Gee everyone is slow
Wonder if Sasha likes Natasha
They look pretty chummy
Left at the brick shed
So far so good
Head full of nothing
Mind the broken glass
Left at the bottom of the drive
Grab a leaf off the tree
Why do I do this?
I’m just running around

And now it’s uphill
Ruts not to twist an ankle in
And oh boy
That’s the toilets
Gonna be a grand place this summer
Left at the top of the drive
Look good as you run past the trainer
Gonna leave the others in my dust
Just me and my thoughts now
Turn left
Watch your feet in the potholes
This is easy
I’m so good
Side step the prop
Fend off two wimpy Wallaby backs
And score under the posts on the whistle to win the world cup
Oh and turn left at the brick shed
Smells like burnt rubber
Some kids playing around
Why do they do that?
This could be such a nice place if it was looked after
More lefts
Hold your breath past the toilet
I’m just running around

Nod at the two girls coming up the steps
Turn left
Are they watching me?
How do I look?
Shoulders back and head up
And stop running so flat footed
But what do you expect in these old shoes
Ok so I need new shoes
But I don’t want cheap ones
And I don’t want to spend lots of money
Guess you’re keeping the old ones
Guess you better turn left again
I should utilise the time while I run
Yeah like I could pray
Lord I pray for . . .
What number lap is this?
Turn left
Grab another leaf
Man my mouth is dry
Would love some water
Or some juice
Is there juice at home in the fridge
I think there is
What else is in the fridge?
What are we going to have for dinner?
Oh lots of people have stopped
Better look good as I run past them
So who was I praying for again?
Yeah Lord bless them
Can feel the calf muscles now

Just running around
Turning left
Can’t write that thought
Or that thought
Come on man get it under control
Look at all those dandelions
That’s Ukrainian for dandelion
I should really practice my Ukrainian
Guess I’m too lazy
I need some encouragement
Funny how you only need a little encouragement for what you really want
But you need a lot for something you don’t want to do
Ooohhh that was a deep thought
Turn left
Keep running
Keep turning
Keep thinking
Just running around
Running around