I sit here in an internet cafe in Chernivtsi, a town on the border of Ukraine and Romania.
I spent a couple of days travelling to Rivne before Christmas, and then a couple of days eating lots of yummy food and playing 500 with Daniel.
Then another couple days driving here and yesterday i tried to cross the border to Romania to celebrate New Years with friends there and i was informed that i have a document missing. I had checked with Ben about all the documents he needed when he did the trip last year and i have all of those documents. But this is Ukraine! They have introduced a new law since then and i need to have another document.
Today i spent the morning running around trying to get that document to find out that i cannot get it here, i have to go back to Kyiv Region to get that document, and because it is New Year, no document processing place will be open until Tuesday.
So i have parked my van here in Chernivtsi. I will catch the train back to Kyiv, aim to get the document Tuesday morning and train back here and cross over to Romania next week.
Not the way i planned it - but hey - "that's life!" as they say.

Oh and by the way

Love Jono