Man is talking
Mind is walking
When will this come to an end?
So I can talk to my friend
I did ask God to hear Him speak
But concentration now is weak
Really really hot in here
Mobile phone sounds fill the air
Why are we all sitting here?

Formal teaching can be dry
So I ask the question why?
Is it me or is it him?
(That translator is not slim!)
Why can thoughts so easily roam?
What’re the boys doing back at home?
People round me so distracting
Who is listening - who is acting?
Those things there – how much did they cost?
And the MP3 player that I lost

Man still talking on the stage
To these people in this cage
I hope their thoughts are not like mine
You can always find me on line
But how do you know what is real?
Can you trust the things you feel?

And when at me people look
They see me writing in my book
“He is learning such a lot
A word from God he must have got”
Fooling them – can fool myself
Spirituality he has in wealth!

But I’m sinful – I am weak
God – next time to me please speak