The lychee is a small fruit with a red rough skin incasing a white wet flesh that looks like an eyeball and tastes slightly better. But for the last week I have been donning the yellow rubber gloves, climbing my ladder and picking these little fruit.

IMGP0115It's been fun, tiring, slow, boring, interesting and a host of other interchangeable adjectives.

I've been working with Bec Adams, a girl I knew from years ago in Sydney and Maclean. We have had some great encouraging conversations. Picking is finished now, I won't be disappointed to finish picking lychees but I'm glad I had the experience.

IMGP0121And although it was slippery, I never fell off the ladder.

I've been thinking about work. We can't rest if we don't work - we have nothing to rest from. But to what end do we work? And what is profitable work? I suggest it is not merely that which creates an income. I also suggest it is more than just making ones self busy.

What do you think about work? What do you think about lychees?