I have a ceiling fan in my room. It’s always been there. I hardly notice it. I turn it on during hot summer days and the only time I think about it is when I take my shirt off – it’s a low ceiling!

But on Saturday down at the “church spruce up day” I cleaned the ceiling fans. Some of them were pretty dirty. Now they look pretty good. The only problem is now I notice how dirty the ceiling fan is in my room. Before then, I had no clue and it didn’t bother me. Now, every time I glance at my ceiling fan, it bothers me and will continue to do so until either I clean it, or I get used to it.

Sometimes negative character traits or habits may exist in our lives and we are blissfully unaware. But when the Holy Spirit convicts us of the righteousness to which we are called and we can no longer ignore a specific personal attribute, then we have two choices. Clean it up or let it harden.

It can be painful, and it can take up time and effort we think we’d rather put somewhere else, but I know that cleaning it up is better.

And I need to clean that ceiling fan in my room!




Bruce writes: “Excellent News! Vlad has arranged for a Christian service to be held in his prison. Tom is working on the details, but basically we'll be able to share the gospel, bring in a couple musicians and testimonies. This is a maximum security prison that has continually denied this request for a long time. Please begin to pray with us for the arrangements. The Lord has opened this door both to encourage Vlad and bring the hope of the gospel to those in chains. Pray that God moves in the hearts of the people in charge, to allow not only this service, but regular ones.”

Don’t forget to follow Vlad on Facebook at Justice for Vlad Schaslyvyi.


Here are some of the boys having a lot of fun in a very non-traditional Ukrainian way. Here is a snap shot of Ukrainian roads. March is a bleak month in Rzhyshchiv. Check in on Dan’s page and Bruce’s page for a few updates. Continue to pray for the lives of students who are being challenged to live life for God not for self. Please also pray for a few issues with my house. Also continue to pray for the ongoing ministry of UTSIM – I do hope to have more information in the near future.



Visiting Nepal last year was a highlight of my life. Since then my ears and heart have been on notice, especially since I had a very unique divine appointment there on my last Sunday. Nepal is a very poor country. Our school was able to send a small amount of money to help rescue some of the poorest girls who are sold into prostitution. Click here to donate or click here if you think God is pulling you to go and give of your time and expertise for a few weeks.


Camp at Lonsdale Park will be on again next month and Marie and I are both travelling to join Ruth and Jon and a host of others to serve the children and families of New Zealand’s far north. The camp is called “A Knight’s Journey”. I believe some good costumes are in order. I haven’t fully decided but will probably base my talks around John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. If you have any great ideas, please wing them my way.



After an idyllic week in NZ I am back into teaching 21 year two students. I love them. They are great to teach. Teaching is very tiring as well as time consuming outside of classroom hours. Please pray that I prepare well, that I prioritise my time and energy efficiently but that most of all my life and my words and my actions will point the children in my class towards Jesus.


Friday afternoon is good for the kids but hard yakka on working adults. We are continuing to teach kids that Jesus is the light of the world and last Friday showed that Jesus could back up that claim by giving sight to a man born blind.


Youth group is the next part of Friday night and I usually get my second wind and enjoy relaxing and hanging out with teens. There is so much on offer for teens but real relationships that help guide young people to a deep relationship with God is paramount. We have been focusing a lot on the importance of the place of God’s Word in our lives.


I want to play again this year. I wonder if my body will be up to it. I also want to entice as many friends as possible. If you play front row you even get a discount on your fees. But enjoying the camaraderie of rugby as well as having a few Christian mates there is one of the best ways one can enjoy a winter Saturday. Check it out now!


It is now only 125 days until our much anticipated day in July. Join the countdown online if you have nothing better to do with your time. I am enjoying daily getting to know and love Marie on so many levels. Coming to Australia has not been super easy for her and I am so grateful for all the adjustments she has made to her life for me – for us. Please also pray as her work visa has not been granted. The more I find out about the Australian Immigration Department, the more frustrating and down heartening the journey appears. Pray for endurance and also a miracle would be nice.


I really should delete this part of my monthly update until I start reading again. I have begun but not got too far into George Orwell’s book 1984.

I am enjoying Deuteronomy and John most mornings and for those on Facebook I try to post a thought I glean from my daily readings


· Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine

· Vlad in jail

· Nepal

· Kids Camp – A Knight’s Journey

· Class 2M at PHCS

· Kids Club and Livewire at WPHCC

· Our wedding in July

· Marie’s work visa


To those organising my surprise birthday party this coming Sunday which of course I know nothing about!!

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