Due to a midterm break, computer issues at my end, and other causes, communication between me and Ukraine has been rather scarce of late. So information on the future developments of UTSIM will have to wait til next month.

For now I would like to give a brief summary of where UTSIM is right now.


  • Natasha – married with two children – responsible for all accounts, legalities and operations of the business.
  • Masha – part time Uni student, was a helper to Natasha but has moved more and more into a teaching role as teachers dropped off and student numbers increased throughout the year.
  • Shane – married to Jemimah – responsible for the academic side of UTSIM in Rzhyshchiv and teaching about 20 hours a week.
  • Sveta – full time teaching, mainly beginning students in Rzhyshchiv
  • Lena – full time teaching students in Kaharlyk
  • Simeon – married with one child – volunteer teaching two days a week
  • Both Shane and Simeon will leave us at the end of May. We have been greatly blessed by them and will be sad to see them go.
  • We are looking for an academic head for UTSIM for next year.


Throughout the school year from September until now we have had over 85 students. These contracts will finish at the end of May and in effect we start from scratch again. We hope a good number of students sill return next year. Of course we need numbers to run a business - but we are also thankful for the ongoing contact we have had with some families for 3 years now. We want to be a blessing to the towns of Rzhyshchiv and Kaharlyk.

LIFE OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS (or inside Australia)

I currently have a block teaching a grade 5 class while the teacher is on paternity leave. I’ve also been continuing to help out on Tuesdays after school in my community. I have had almost constant work at school so getting there on time and with energy in reserve has been a bit harder.

I had a job interview this past week. With the exception of Jeff putting his head out and piping up, “I wouldn’t hire him”, I thought the interview went well. But I am aware that I have not done any formal study to advance my teaching career in the past 7 years.

The rugby season started on Saturday and I managed to make it through almost an entire game in 4th grade. We came away with a good win 26-3. My ribs are already looking forward to two weeks rest during Easter.

Next week I’m off to NZ and will spend most of the time up north with Ruth and Jon.


Tim and Amanda who week by week and month by month faithfully assemble and send you these updates. Please click on their names and email them a thankyou yourself.

Love Jono

Keep Looking Up