In 1998 World Vision used a packet of Tim Tams to demonstrate the distribution of the world’s wealth. I went looking online but it seems that back in 1998 we were not so connected as we are now. So I’ll talk you through it. You will need: 10 people and 1 packet of Tim Tams.

1. Eat one Tim Tam to get yourself psyched up (you now have 10 Tim Tams left and 10 people)

2. Give one person 3 Tim Tams

3. Give another person 2 Tim Tams

4. Give four people 1 Tim Tam each

5. Give the remaining four people 1 Tim Tam to share

6. Ask everyone how they feel about the distribution of the Tim Tams and how fair it was.

I was thinking about Tim Tams as I will take half a suitcase of them to Ukraine with me next week. Flicking around the internet for Tim Tam related articles I found this angle. I thought it was a pertinent read.


I leave for Ukraine next week. I am really looking forward to connecting with my many friends. I will also be giving my house a little attention and giving advice and thinking about the future of UTSIM. I would appreciate prayer for lots of wisdom for this. I would also like to begin to understand a little of what God’s will is for me regards future involvement in Ukraine – if, when, where, what etc. ????

Please continue to pray for Vlad, that he will not be resigned to giving up because it’s just too hard to fight.


I Kid’s Club is having a break this Tuesday and instead is combining with Youth Group on Friday night. We will have Olympic style games. It will be a beneficial time for the older ones to enthuse and set a positive example for younger kids. I think it is important that church families have meaningful inter-generational contact.

On Saturday I refereed a game of rugby for my club. What a thankless job! I enjoyed it to a degree, and I think my body may thank me for it more so than playing.

I have a few days of work at school this week. I have enjoyed being on a grade 6 class for the past 3 days and am reminded of both the impact a teacher can have what a privilege that is.


· Praise God for Tim Tams

· Trip to Ukraine

· Vlad’s ongoing case

· Kid’s Club and Youth Group


Glenn and Racquel for allowing me to invite myself to dinner last week.


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