On Thursday last week I walked from one end of Texas to the other, and back!

Texas is a quaint town, population 900. Dad and I spent an enjoyable hour there and I posted a picture of our muffin break on Facebook. The funny thing was getting FB messages from two people thinking I was in the state of Texas, USA. How easily we can be misunderstood. How easily we can misunderstand.

The tragedy in life is when we build premises around misunderstandings. We run the risk of believing half-truths, misrepresenting a loved one, or becoming bitter or resentful. And all because of a misunderstanding. Take the time and the care to understand the real intent and meaning behind the words you hear this week.


Last week four bombs were let off in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. A number of people were injured. Speculation abounds as to the reasons. Ukraine will be showcased to much of the world soon as it co-hosts the Euro 2012 football championship with Poland. Some will welcome the business and revenue this will bring. Some will resent it for varied reasons. Some will be swept away with euphoria and others will remain cynical. Please pray for the nation of Ukraine. I know of at least one group utilizing this opportunity to come and run football training sessions as well as share the good need of Jesus. Young people in Ukraine need direction. They need a sense of purpose. They need to know that a future exists and they need the tools to navigate that pathway. They need Jesus. Pray that the buzz of something different in the country will be a catalyst to thinking of something different in the lives of Ukrainians.


I'm travelling with two Jeffs! One is in the boot and the other sitting next to me. The older one is my father and we are spending 12 days driving round parts of QLD. We have enjoyed a muffin break each day and have stayed with friends as well as motels, back packers and home stays. I have enjoyed long periods of conversation and have been able to learn things about and from my dad. I pray that one day, if God so chooses, I will be able to pass on my life experiences to my son. Today it was great to have ice cream on the beach with Jenny and Phil and Bec and Steve and boys. Thank God the car has gone well so far this trip.


· That I would speak with understanding

· Young people in Ukraine during Euro 2012

· Dad and Jono time

· A great car, what a blessing!


Brian and Robyn Marsh for laying on 5 star hospitality at Mt Tamborine.


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