Today I sensed a bit of deja vu. I'm sitting in church half way across the world and Cedric Gibbs is preaching. I've listened to many a sermon from Cedric and the country you're in really doesn't matter if God is going to teach you something. The passage was Hebrews 3 and the thought that I want to leave with you and remind myself is: "We need each other in the fellowship of the body of Christ."

This probably sounds neither new nor profound, yet it is so simply and fundamentally true and necessary. I cannot live my life in Christ separate from others . I need you, my brothers and sisters, to encourage, motivate, spur on, guide, cajole, admonish, and care for me. Thank you to all those who do exactly that in my life. I hope in the right season I can reciprocate that for you.

We need each other!


I have been in Tajikistan a week and a half now and thoroughly enjoyed my time here (with the exception of a bit of a cough and cold). I spent a week in the mountains and met a number of Pete and Soph's friends. It snowed a lot and I think I was surrounded by the deepest snow I have ever seen. The hotel where we stayed is built on a hot springs. So it smells like Rotorua but has beautiful snow all round. I enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of kids through the week and taught them a few things about Egypt and in particular a guy named Joseph who lived there.

Jeff came with me and he is also enjoying Tajikistan.

Please pray for Cedric who has become unwell and has a high fever.

This week I travel to Dubai and then Mumbai for a few days before journeying on to Thailand to visit Dan and Xan. Please pray for a profitable time where I go and as I go.

Please continue to pray for Vlad. Here is an article outlining the terrible types of injustice people encounter in Ukraine on a day to day basis.


Praise God! Ruth and Jon have had a positive result to IVF treatment. Ruth writes. Please continue to pray as this is still early days.

Please continue to pray for Kid's Club at Penno. Pray for the kids as they learn about things Jesus did. Pray for a few more helpers to join the team.


· Ruth and Jon

· Cedric

· Vlad - justice in Ukraine

· Kid's Club

· My travels


Soph and Karen who have nursed, mothered (and bossed) me into getting better from a nasty cold :-)


Thanks for coming all this way to help us out here in T! And thanks for a lovely day today.

3 years ago

You're very welcome. And thank you too :-)

3 years ago

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