Rural Ukraine Foreign Language Services
1. To register an organisation that allows us to:
• Teach foreign languages
• Pay workers
• Receive money for services
• Receive money as gifts from within Ukraine and overseas
• Live in Ukraine as foreigners
• Bring foreign visitors to Ukraine
• Rent premises
• Operate totally legally and transparently
2. To open a language centre in Rzhyshchiv.
• Find a place to rent
• Advertise for students
• Prepare lesson materials
• Ascertain appropriate fee structure
• Start teaching classes
3. To teach English one or two days a week in one (or both) of Rzhyshchiv’s local schools
• Speak to English teachers
• Speak to school Principals (Heads)

The next few weeks will be dedicated to the above 3 goals. I have hired a translator for 3 weeks. Olya from Poltava will be coming to Rzhyshchiv and working with me each day as I will be meeting with people here in Rzhyshchiv and in Kyiv to accomplish these tasks.

This also means that I am not continuing my formal language lessons in Kyiv. This will save me time and money. I will continue to practice my Ukrainian and work on my vocabulary on my own.

Gaven and I left England Monday morning, had a few days in Krakow and arrived back in Rzhyshchiv late on Thursday night. It felt good to be home, and it definitely felt that this is home right now.

The snow has basically all melted, and although it is colder here than in London, I have basically missed out on a cold winter this year, and I’m not really complaining. Right now as ice and snow continues to melt, it is very muddy everywhere.

Rzhyshchiv People and Happenings
It was good to get back to Friday night football. I had done basically no sport in London so it was a good work out – I was sure breathing hard after a few minutes of running around.

Up at Dan’s later on Friday night were a number of new guys from one of the Technicum schools. They are friends of Igor’s and came along with him. I didn’t really get to know many of the boys, but hope I will over time.

Tashi and Losha (Natasha and Alyosha)
You may remember them getting married last August. It’s been great watching them grow together as husband and wife. They are working to make their house a home, and have made it open to young people to come and visit. They are also expecting their first child this coming summer (I think July). Please pray for them and for their new baby. They are good friends of mine, and some of the first I went to visit when I got back from England.

What Ya Readin'?
I finished reading “Among School Children” by Tracy Kidder. It should be a must for all teachers and wanna-be teachers. Although it is just one teacher’s story, I think I learned more from it than many of my University text books. 4/5

Sergei for picking up Gaven and me in Kyiv – coming home with all our stuff on public transport was not a pleasant thought.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up