Holiday Time

Marie and I are enjoying holidays in NZ and will have reports and photos in our next JAM. For now we would like to thank those who love us and encourage us.

UTSIM UPDATE (Sveta's own words)

"Natasha told me that you wanted me to write a few words about how the things are going here. Ok, I'll try..

Holidays are coming! I'm glad there will be a little break, ready for it.. :)

We are still renting the same room at the Culture House, which is a big blessing - very convenient and central spot. Because of the New Year's season there is a big Christmas tree (the main one of Rzhyshchiv) just outside my window so I can enjoy the lights from it when it's dark :) and also there is another one inside. That's a beautiful time of the year!

The kids are also beautiful ;) Some of them are very beautiful - so obedient and so sweet!!! Some have behavior problems, nothing has changed - it has always been that way... :)

Anyway, I am thankful for each kid, though it's hard sometimes.

Many students from last year came back, that was encouraging! It's always nice to hear from the kids or from the parents: "he did well in his school English test" or "I've got a good mark today"... That encourages me to keep on. And of course, I see the children's progress too. Some of them are slower in progress which is a bit sad, because they stay in the same place simply because they don't spend time learning the new words; others are slower because it's easier for them to learn Maths or History, perhaps their memory is like... mine sometimes;). However, they listen to me speaking simple English and their understanding IS getting better and most of them CAN respond in simple language too. So we work not in vain :)

Jemimah is teaching Sasha (Stecyura) this year, I'm so happy for that! She's been studying with us for 4 years now and we decided to ask Jem if she wants to teach her, she agreed. Practice - that's what Sasha needs. And Jemimah is a good person to spend time with :).

There is another Sasha, oh Jono, she is so good! She is just eight or nine, but she understands a lot, builds sentences, so fast! And also is such a sweet kid!!!

So my youngest ones are 5 this year, the oldest - 18 years old. No 'one on one' lessons. In the kindergarten group there are maximum 3 kids, sometimes they are my hardest lessons... I like to work with a bit... older kids :), but still it's good to have them "for business" because they come in the early afternoon, when kids from school are still at school.

This week we were making some New Year's and Christmas crafts, with some I read a Christmas story, some of them already got their little prizes for the pluses that they were getting during the term... Tomorrow is the last day of lessons in 2013. Time is just flying! Thankful for God helping me and for everything we have!"

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