Going somewhere away from home
Not going to work or school
Eating more than usual
Staying up late and sleeping in
Playing more games
Watching more TV
Spending more money than usual
More time with friends and loved ones
Maybe the above statements are true for you. They often are for me. Sometimes I fear there is a lot of self indulgence in a holiday.
My current ‘holiday’ is quite a long one and so I am also working for a part of it. I was keen to be back in the classroom teaching as well as it being a good way to pay for the holiday.


Gaven and I are currently in London staying with Ruth and Jon (my sister and her husband). I have had 3 days ‘supply’ teaching and expect a couple more weeks, before we all have a week off. Gaven is having his first holiday since coming to Ukraine last March. He is keeping us all in fits of laughter with his quirky comments on life. If we wrote them all down into a book I’m sure it would be a best seller.
Outside of teaching so far we have been on the London Eye, visited Westminster Abbey for a Sunday evening service and met up with my cousin Mark and his wife Carrie. We plan to catch up with them again before I leave and I’ll try to talk them into visiting Ukraine.
I plan to meet up with a few more friends and relatives as well as visit Brighton and a have trip to Ireland.

When I return to Ukraine at the beginning of March, I’m hoping to start an after school English club for school students.  I believe it could be something that could really grow. There are many people wanting to improve their English skills. I think renting a room in the centre of town would be the best option.
I will probably recommence Ukrainian lessons also – but I will need some fresh motivation and desire for this also.


Well it’s just over a week since I left and I’ve heard very little. I do know the weather got dramatically colder just after we left so it was good timing in that regard. Hopefully I will have more to write on this next month.

I read “Last Flowers Before Winter” by Diane McMurrin. It was a description of life in Ukraine during the 1930s and 1940s through the eyes of widows living in Ukraine today. It was very interesting and an amazing insight into the difficult lives of the grandparents of the young people I live and work with. The book was written in rather ordinary English and not published professionally but still worth reading. 4/5
I’m currently reading “Among School Children” by Tracy Kidder. It’s a well written descriptive look at the difficult work of a primary school teacher.
I picked this up in a second hand bookshop in Krakow, Poland. I think it will become a tradition to buy a book at this shop every time I go to Krakow.

Ruth for the fantastic roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings including Yorkshire pudding. It’s great to be spoiled here.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up

Jono Miller