Kids Camp at Lonsdale Park this April took on the theme of The Amazing Race. I decided to entitle my talks 'The Amazing Sheep Race'. We had one team consisting of Sheep #1 and Sheep #2 (I'm creative when it comes to names). The final Pit Stop is Heaven. The Route Info is the Bible. Sheep #2 sets off by himself and from Isaiah 53:6 and Luke 15, learns that he is both a sinful and stuck (lost) sheep. Sheep #1 is like the sheep in Genesis 22 and the Lamb in Revelation and he is the substitute and super sheep.

On Wednesday night at camp we talked about how sheep #1 (Jesus) miraculously becomes the shepherd that finds stuck sheep #2 (us). God was speaking to some of these children at camp and 5 children asked Jesus to be their substitute and to come and save them. There was a big party in heaven and a lot of joy for those who helped lead them! Please pray for growth and understanding and perseverance for these new members of God's family.


Please continue to pray for Vlad. There is some good news for which we can thank God. He has been granted an appeal date in late May. Please pray for the preparation of this appeal and for God's will to triumph and His name to be exalted. I'll give more details as they come to hand.

It's only 6 weeks before I leave Aus again for Ukraine. I thank God for the chance to go back. Please pray with me as I reconnect and seek God's guidance of where to from here.


As I type I am in NZ but heading back to Aus later today with my Dad. Over the next couple weeks we will visit: Lamington, Girraween, St. George, Emerald, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Rockhampton and Bundaberg. Please get in touch if we are travelling past and it would work out to stop in for a coffee. I'm looking forward to spending time with my Dad and learning more about his life. Pray that we have a worthwhile and meaningful time together.


Kids Club starts up again and I'm excited to see the fresh ideas, vision and enthusiasm the young leaders are showing. Please continue to pray as community kids right in the heart of suburban Sydney interact with people who love God and are having God's Word sown in their hearts.


My sister Priscilla is due anytime in the next fortnight with their fourth child. Ruth is progressing well with her pregnancy but has noticed a distinct lack of energy each day. It's exciting to see the family grow.


· 5 kids from camp joining God's family

· Vlad's appeal in May

· QLD road trip with my Dad

· Kids Club

· Priscilla and Ruth's babies


All the leaders last week at camp; what an awesome team to be a part of!


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