Recently I was asked to contribute my experience on becoming a man. I’ve always maintained that when I grow up I want to be a little boy!

Am I a man? When did I become a man? How did I become a man?

I thought an interesting challenge would be to ask everyone to think about one influential man in your life (and write back if you have the time, this includes the girls as well).

Tell me about one man and why they were influential and what made them a man.

I have quite a few, but one man springs to mind today. Mike Deane. I guess it was easy for me to see him as a man because he is huge. He is consistent. He is loving. He is a friend in every sense of the word. He is uncompromising – that is important in being a man. He is sure of himself and confident in front of others. He forgives. Thanks for teaching me about manhood, Mike Deane!!


This RPD I will give a few websites and challenges for you to consider. I want to encourage myself and my friends to never get complacent or too comfortable in our very easy lives in western society.

So consider helping out orphans in Uganda in holistic community development. Buy photos to help donate from Bird and Bee Studio or buy a bag of seeds for a woman from Love Mercy Foundation. Both of these endeavours are run by my Aussie cousins Jonny and Eloise Wellings.

Be encouraged in your marriage and in your family life by a couple who randomly found me on the internet. Their short videos about joy (bottom right corner of website) are worth watching.

Pray for Igor and Nika. Yesterday they were married and the photos I’ve seen so far indicate a wonderful day. Igor lives in my house and will bring his new wife there soon. Pray that they will glorify God together as they grow in their new union.

Also a special thanks from Marie to the many people who prayed for her over the last few weeks. Praise God she was able to return to Khorog before leaving Tajikistan. Leaving has not been easy. Please continue to pray for her as she attends a spiritual retreat in Spain. Also her toe is still on the mend. I am really looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks.


Tomorrow is reality. Back to work for me. I have been working the last couple weeks, but starting from tomorrow I have my own class til the end of the year. Please pray that I interact well with the students. Pray for a positive spiritual, academic and social impact. Pray that I will be well organised and learn the things I don’t yet know and some of the new procedures I am not so familiar with.

I’m playing touch footy on Monday evenings which is a good outlet for physical activity. Age is catching up with me, the older I get the faster I was.

I feel stretched with the amount of people I know in Sydney with whom I would like to hang out. I am so glad for my West Penno church family. Our Sunday night crowd is small but close. I would love to invite anyone at a loose end on a Sunday evening to come on down and share a meal and a relaxed church service with us.

Tim and Christine were married last week. Photos to come when the photo gallery on my computer stops crashing!


· Marie in Spain

· Igor and Nika newly married

· Grade 4 at PHCS

· Tim and Christine newly married


Joel and Rosa for a wonderful BBQ and a really cool family


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