Last week I was in Dubai driving around in a rental Ford Figo trying to find the tallest building in the world. It only stands a kilometer high, more than twice the height of all the other ones around it. Yet I had trouble finding it and everyone I asked said "what tower?" I evetually located the tower and was amazed at the engineering, the architecture, just how high it is and how small I am. I was bemused by the ambivalent attitude most Dubai-ans had towards the Burg Dubai. The tallest structure in the world is in their city and it means almost nothing to them! Maybe they are too familiar with the idea. 
Are we ever like that? Do you ever become so used to the idea that the Creator of the universe loves you and died for you, that you become familiar and indifferent towards this amazing fact?  I hope that is not the case with me.


It actually feels a bit like I am in Ukraine although I am actually I Tajikistan. It is interesting to see soviet style buildings and writing amongst Tajik people and language and religion. The people here are friendly, welcoming and peaceful.

So Ukraine will wait for another day


Although I was just in Aus, it now seems another world away. This week I will be up in the mountains and out of internet range. Actually, I'm looking forward to it all. Pray for a profitable time.


· Time in Tajikistan

· A sore finger that is still troubling me


Everyone who sent me a bday wish on FB last week


Last year in class we looked at that building by wacthing Big BIGGer, BIGGEST

3 years ago

Blair, i sent the thing about BBB

3 years ago

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