As I compose my final update for the year of 2012, outside the snow is gently falling, a couple of wild deer are grazing on the lawn, inside the house all is warm and snug, inside my head and heart are the happiest of emotions and I realise I'm not writing an RPD (Read, Pray, Delete); I'm writing an RPJUAD. Read, Pray, Jump Up And Dance!!!

Whatever else has been happening fades into insignificance and a distant memory in comparison with last Friday.

December 28, 2012 - A Memorable Day (a bloke’s perspective)

I was cool, pretty cool. Woke up and went about my business as usual. Got ready for a day out in town and carefully prepared a few essential items in various pockets of my jacket.

We drove into Seattle and spent a while enjoying wandering around Pike Place Market. I even bought a second hand book by Tolstoy – off to a good start for the day. We wandered up the street to a little Thai place I had looked up online, we both like Thai food.

After an early lunch we walked a couple miles to the Space Needle and waited a while in line to ascend to the top of this magnificent tower built in 1962. Great views and a few pictures. But I was watching the sun dropping towards the horizon and I still had another place to visit. We made our way back to the waterfront and ambled along the piers all the way down to Pier 57 and the Seattle Great Wheel. We lined up for tickets and it so happened that Marie was in the toilet while I was buying them so didn’t know I was buying VIP tickets. She reappeared and we were whisked away to the front of the line where we were seated with mock ceremony and then escorted into our private compartment with leather seats, a glass floor and most importantly, privacy. My heart quickened with nervousness, the first time for the day.

As we started our ascent I first of all took a picture of Marie and then placed the camera to take a picture of both of us on the timer. Having done that I set my camera to video and pressed record.

I then proceeded to give a short poem for Marie to read which I had written for the occasion. As she opened to the third and final stanza, I took the ring from my pocket, dropped to one knee and uttered four simple words, “Would you marry me?”

Without hesitation she exclaimed “yes!” and leaped up for a kiss and a cuddle and I placed the ring on her finger. We then turned around to discover the adjacent compartment full of excited people waving and taking pictures on mobile phones. So much for privacy!! Oh well who cares.

The ride is supposed to be 3 revolutions, but we were given 6. On the last circuit we finally realized that there was also a pretty nice view outside!

What a day. We wandered off in absolute bliss and after meandering through an antique store spotted across the road, Marie chose a simple yet elegant pottery candle holder to have as a memento, something easy to carry around the world with us.

We finished the day at an Indian restaurant, almost too excited to eat. This will be one day I will never forget.

So I say bring on July 2013 when we will exchange vows of holy matrimony and be wed one to the other for life here in the beautiful State of Washington.

For now, I thank God and I thank Marie. That is enough.


· Marie

· Getting engaged

· Marie

· Wedding in July

· Marie


God for his amazing blessings throughout the entire year. All praise to Him!

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