There are few people on this earth who never complain. I know I do. I complain about traffic. I complain about paperwork. I complain when I can’t find the kind of cream I want to buy in the supermarket. Sometimes I complain about government and laws and politicians. I try hard not to. I have seen too many other countries and their unfair ways of dealing with people.

Many regular readers will be well acquainted with my friend Vlad and his plight in jail away from wife and son due to a corrupt justice system. There is possibly some good news. So thanks for praying and please keep praying. Every time I am tempted to complain about something I am going to try and remember to pray for Vlad instead.

Simbo writes:

“Vlad update: Please pray, as there is a meeting next week to discuss the possibility of moving Vlad to a new location. This location is much more relaxed than where he is now (in terms of treatment, visitors etc.), is out in the countryside and is very close to home! As the crow flies, it's about 10km from Rzhyshchiv, although the route to get there takes about 40 minutes. This would be an incredibly big improvement on Vlad's current situation. Please, please, pray that it would come to pass. Thank you.”


110 days to go.


More good news and thanks for your prayers. Marie has some good news regarding a work visa. If she leaves Australia before April 9 it should be granted within 7 days. She is booked to fly to NZ on April 8 and I will join her on April 16.

This week at school I have parent teacher interviews. I am aware of the enormous privilege it is to join with parents and impact children for their future and for the Kingdom of God.


· Pray for Vlad and his wife Vika and son Matviy

· Thank God for good news for Marie’s visa and pray the final steps are hassle free

· Pray for my grade 2 students and their families

· P Pray for my parents as they are selling and downsizing after many years in Pukekohe


Marie for the coolest ever birthday present – a personalised All Blacks jumper

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