I have heard surrealism described as owning giraffes and taking harmonica lessons. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of that statement. However, life seems a little surreal in the idyllic north of NZ for a week. Removed from the day to day grind of work in Australia. Removed from the poverty that millions live in daily around the world. Removed from war and conflict zones. It is peaceful and we are well fed.

I don't know what more to say. Life feels a little surreal. For now I will celebrate it. Thank you Lord.


Thank God for every meal you eat. We are being very well fed on family reunion.

Thank God for the place where you live. NZ is a beautiful place, Australia is also a very comfortable and easy place to live.

Thank God for your family. Marie has been well welcomed into my family. Of course. She's awesome.

Pray for people and places into the world where life is much harder. Resolve to do something. Then get started.

Pray for the students I interact with at PHCS, Kid's Club, and Livewire.

This is a nice short RPD. I'll have photos from NZ next week.


Dave for a ride up north and hiring a jet ski for family reunion.

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