This is the final RPD I write as a single man. It is still 20 days until Marie walks down the aisle but with the busy-ness of those days I have decided to adjourn my writing until after we return to Australia mid-July. Behold all things are changing around here. The old is gone the new has come. I am an excited cookie and as you can tell reading this RPD, I am neither making much sense nor writing anything of any real substance.

I am so grateful to the many people who have followed my RPDs and Monthly Updates which I started back in 2004. Thanks for praying for me and for the various people and situations in which I have been involved. Our God is a good, good God who hears our prayers and works in the lives of many people around the world who will listen to his voice. It is a privilege to play the smallest part in his sovereign plans. Together with Marie, a new chapter of following God and listening to his voice will arise.


I thought it might be fun to see where the past 10 years of RPD writing has taken me. So from 2004 til now, I will find the RPD nearest to June 16 and share one paragraph or sentence from it with you.

2004 May 9 (hard to find posts that far back)

Jono plays Mum

I feel like I've turned into chief cook and bottle washer. Hosting and looking after people. I guess it is one of the best ways I can serve here while I'm still working on the language.

2005 June 22

On Thursday night I was down at the beach with a number of the young people. The beach was disgusting. There was rubbish everywhere and the water was also polluted with a dead dog floating near the shore. I mentioned that we should clean it up. Well that set a discussion going. Some thought that it wasn't worth it cause next week it will be polluted again, some thought it would be a good example to the community. Then Grecia hit the nail on the head. He said we should do it for the glory of God and any other reason was secondary.

Camp is the next big thing. It is from July 11-15 and I'd love your prayers. I'm still trying to buy a boat. I'm finding it much harder than I first thought. Ben and I have spent a lot of time trying to find a boat to buy. I'd love to be able to tell you next week that I have a boat.

2006 June 15

Yesterday I went to the doctors in Kyiv. I now have a fancy sling and strict instructions to wear it all the time and not use the arm - this could take about a month! So what can I do except sit on the couch and watch the football world cup?!? And what a dream start for Australia! - Let’s hope they can ride this wave as far as possible. But there is more to it than just watching football (soccer). I have set up an outdoor cinema so we can have a lot of people watching it.

2007 June 13

Praise Him for a new paint job on the boat – for friends helping me get it into the water – and for the motor working. A funny story about the motor. When I got the boat in the water, it didn’t want to start – I suspected this so I called a guy who said he’d be willing to help. He was busy but told me to check the spark plugs. I was just starting to take them out, when another guy comes and says “let me have a look”. He removes the spark plugs, takes one look at them, and in one sweeping movement tosses them into the water and says “you need new spark plugs”. As I forlornly look in the direction of the ever expanding ripples in the water – I agree with him that now I definitely need new spark plugs. They did the trick – I took the boat for a test run and she was great. Praise God

2008 June 26


I’m so thankful to God for what He has done in my life and taught me about Himself and myself in these past few months. I am looking forward to the continuation of the journey with Him. I’ve already said it, but again thank you for praying for me and for the work that God is doing in Ukraine. Thank you for your interest in His work. He IS working!

2009 June 15


This is a short RPD as I’m off to Poland for 5 days with Gaven. We are taking bit of a boy’s car trip through Krakow, Zakopane and Wroclaw. A good time of rest is what we both hope for (and Gav is pretty keen to visit KFC).

2010 June 14

Time is very quickly slipping away and Camp 120 is only 4 weeks away. I still have basically everything left to do and getting my boat in the water and working is going to be a major part of it. I would love you to pray for all the practical things that need to be done. For all the people who will help in a team effort – but mostly for the theme we will study: Serve and Grow.

I want to grow and I want the church and my friends around me to grow also.

2011 June 14

How often do we fight and complain and kick against that which we cannot change and over which we have no control? The point, my friends: getting frustrated is only a useless waste of time.

2012 June 19

What about the rooms in your life? Do you clean daily, monthly, yearly? I want to suggest that regular daily and weekly times of reflection and self-examination are necessary. Confess your sins to your Father in Heaven who is faithful to forgive and cleanse. He is the ultimate cleaning company to call upon, for you and I cannot clean up the stains we have, we can only make them worse or try to hide them.


· Praise God for the fulfilment of Proverbs 18:22

· Pray for travel for Marie, me, family and friends

· Praise God Marie’s nursing registration has been granted

· Praise God that we have a new place to call home

· A Pray for jobs when we return from the States


Dave and Ken who were amazing at helping us move in so quickly and efficiently. Thanks guys!!

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