I invite you to join me on a quest. Or at least question me to keep me accountable.

For the next week I will not log onto Facebook on any given day until I have read my Bible. And the first post for the day will be a key verse or thought from what I have read.

I have been out of routine lately and my personal Bible reading time has suffered. Does anyone else out there find themselves distracted by Facebook or am I alone??

I say I want to live my life according to God's plan as He reveals it through His word. In that case I really ought to be reading it. I want it to be so integral to my life that neglecting to read God's Word would feel like going out without putting clothes on. Mmmmmm don't dwell on that image for too long . . .


174 days to go!! I might as well come out and say that getting married is so exciting for me that it's sure to hijack my RPDs temporarily. We have two dates and three venues already confirmed.

We will exchange vows in Shelton and celebrate in Olympia on July 6. So party on in Washington, USA!

Then in Sydney we will have a celebration bash with wedding dress etc. on August 10.

2013 is going to be a year of celebration with Marie and I both hitting milestone birthdays also.

and my feet is a little rusty . . .


Why do I write RPDs? It stands for Read, Pray, Delete. I guess I can often get too consumed with myself. I want to always pray. I want to alert you to things you can pray about concerning what God is doing in and around me, or in and around those with whom I live, work or have a special connection. I want to tell you when God answers prayer.


· Thank God for bringing Marie and I together

· Pray for Marie's family

· Thank God I have two terms of work and pray for the children I will teach

· Pray for Kids Camp at Lonsdale in NZ with Ruth and Jon and helpers


Bill and Nancy Siems for giving us great marriage counselling

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