My head has been sore, my finger is sore, my knee is sore, my soul is downtrodden but not crushed, my emotions are fluctuating and my energy is waning.

Yet I am excited!

I am excited about what God has brought together, what he is doing and what He will do.

I am at kids camp in NZ at Lonsdale Park with Ruth and Jon and a great bunch of leaders. We have 46 children. Tonight as we prayed we recognized that there seems to be a spiritual heaviness amongst a few.

The battle belongs to the Lord and is fought on our knees. Please join with us in praying for salvation to come to the children of NZ's far north this week.

A camp report with pictures and plans for the next few weeks will come in the next RPD. Until then, thanks for checking in and praying.


· Healing of injuries

· God's work to be done at camp

· Ruth and Jon leading camp


Essie for a ride to the airport and looking after my car for me.


I came across your blog when I check weaethr conditions, maps and photos in Accuweaethr regularly. Your photos are very nice and usually colourful. Thanks so much for sharing them with the world. Now I know a bit more about daily life (food, pets, family) in Ireland. Someone told me to start one, since I do some writing I am a mature person and even the internet is a new deal for me, but I seem to be able to surf and learn new things all the time. Bye, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

2 years ago

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