Every evening at 7pm across Australia in RSL clubs, the lights will dim, the music will stop and all members and guests will stop what they are doing and rise to their feet. The ode will be proclaimed:

They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them

Lest we forget

And men and women stand shoulder by shoulder each day, and those who have fallen in war are remembered.

This is not a discussion on the merits for or otherwise, of war. But the reasons generally put forth for fighting are to bring about or to preserve peace. In this endeavour, many died and they are remembered.

To bring about peace for the greatest struggle in the universe, that of holiness versus sin – with mankind’s future hanging in the balance – One Man died. Just one, the righteous for the unrighteous. The perfect sacrifice. And he asks that we remember Him.

And so we break bread.

And so we pass the cup.

And so we remember.

Lest we forget!


It is so much easier to be global when you are actively involved in something outside of the country you are living in. Right now I feel far too isolated from the rest of the world.

I am grateful for those who have partnered with me in prayer for a long time – mainly for Ukraine in general and more specifically Rzhyshchiv and the people I have brought to your life via electronic media. More recently my interest has also included Central Asia. I want you to pray. I want to pray. I want to talk about it. It is usually an interest taken in praying for a place that eventually leads a person taking action to help. Please continue to pray for Rzhyshchiv. There are young people who are interested in God’s word and his claim on their lives. There are also many who are not interested. So many come from a world totally devoid of any moral framework or a consciousness of the real living God. My friend Bruce has a heart for evangelism and he has his base in Rzhyshchiv. This week he celebrated a long running quest for permanent residency. Bruce has a heart to see people touched by the gospel so that they will then take it further and further. My prayer is that Rzhyshchiv will not only be touched by the gospel but be a centre for evangelism for the whole of Ukraine and beyond into the whole of the former Soviet Union. Log on to Bruce’s site and give him some encouragement for this week’s milestone.


I can hardly believe I am taking time to even write this RPD. Although I must still go to work, I am endeavouring to savour every spare moment with the love of my life who has eventually arrived in Sydney. I stood outside the arrival doors at Sydney International Airport waiting for one of the longest hours of my life until Marie come floating as it were down the ramp into my arms. Ecstatically happy could be considered a massive understatement. I have been able to introduce her to a few friends as well as have alone time to talk and rehash the last almost 3 months we have been apart. Next weekend we are excited to visit all the Brisbane family.

I still have to keep all my school commitments which include reports so would appreciate prayer. Please also continue to pray for my class. I am seeing some improvement in some boys but would love to be able to have a really good working understanding with all of them. Also many kids have burdens in their lives that any adult would struggle to deal with. Pray that I have grace and can be a tool that God uses to minister to hurting and struggling kids.

Kid’s Club is going well, please keep praying for the kids in the neighbourhood learning about the love of God.


· Marie and me – 3 weeks together in Sydney

· Ruth and Jon and baby coming soon (gets closer every week)

· The church in Rzhyshchiv

· Kid’s Club on Tuesdays


The Weldon family for a really wonderful welcome to Australia dinner for Marie.


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