That’s the answer I routinely give when asked my age. We were both established in 1973. So as I enter the last year of my fourth decade I am amazed. Amazed at the life I have lived, the opportunities that have come my way. In a week when the atrocities of the LRA have been brought to public knowledge, I acknowledge that my life has been one of comfort, relative luxury and freedom. “To whom much is given, much is required.” What have I done with what God has given to me? What opportunities and gifts have I wasted, missed or squandered. What has God been able to do through me, and will I continue to allow Him to reach others through me?

It is important to challenge and encourage ourselves. Glance back, but look forward. I am excited to allow God to work in me for the years and decades to come – which he graciously gives me.


I just got off Skype to Ukraine and watched 4 year old Lilya sing Happy Birthday to me in Ukrainian. It was so special and probably the highlight of a really special day. It is still cold in Ukraine and they were well rugged up. But I do believe spring is just around the corner.

Simeon writes:

“Our unjustly imprisoned friend, Vlad, managed to borrow a phone, get on Facebook and post a photo of himself, Bible in hand. So encouraging to see his face, can't imagine what he's going through. Keep praying for him people, for strength as he waits, probably several months, for his high court appeal. Thanks, and as he himself wrote on FB, thanks for your support and prayers.”


I’m off to Tajikistan on Wednesday morning. Please pray for luggage to get through without a hitch. I also have a swollen finger which hasn’t gone down in over a week, so please pray that I am not hampered too much by that.

Please continue to pray for Ruth and Jon as they await the outcome of their IVF process. They have a wonderful trust in the sovereignty of God.

Please also pray for Kid’s Club. We had 19 kids last week – most of them not from church, but from the surrounding community. Please pray for the seeds of God’s Word being planted in their hearts and also for one or two extra leaders to help out. It was great to have lunch together with the leaders and a few extras and thanks for the birthday cake too.


· Vlad in prison

· Tajikistan trip

· Ruth and Jon

· My finger

· Kids Club


Beth Weldon for going to a lot of trouble for a special birthday present – thanks.


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