I'm sitting in a gem factory/display shop waiting for the pushy tuk tuk driver outside to give up on me and leave. I guess I got tricked into coming here. I'm not interested in buying any of their jewellery. I'm not interested in listening to someone explain that polishing the stones makes them shiny. I was happily sitting on the foot path waiting for a shopping centre to open when a man convinced me that there was one already open just around the corner. I didn't fully understand, but he promised air conditioning and coffee and everything I could possibly want. I guess I just didn't know what I was getting in to.

What about you? What about the things we follow? What about Who we follow? There are two dangers to be aware of:

Following the newest, brightest, most promising thing on offer. Usually the world promises gold and gives dross.


Wanting to follow Christ without considering the cost. We are admonished to count the cost AND THEN FOLLOW. The rewards are eternal. Just make sure you know what you are getting in to.


I am almost back from a wonderful trip to very different places and a host of experiences. Very soon I will head back to Ukraine. I will have been away a year and 8 months. What will have changed, what will be the same? I am really looking forward to re connecting with ones I love and to see what God has done and is doing. I'm excited to learn what God has to teach me and am praying about clear guidance for the future. Please pray with me to this end.

Please also don't forget to pray for Vlad who continues to sit in prison. Pray for endurance in his faith and fruit as he seeks to be salt and light in a dark place.

Also please pray for Shane and Jemimah as they will lead the annual summer camp on the island. I hope to be of service to them with the boat that many of you have prayed for over the years :-)


I've spent a great week in Chiang Mai with Dan and Xan Boyce and kids. It has been great to re connect and fellowship on many levels. Mutual encouragement in the body of Christ is a beautiful thing. I also caught up with an old Brisbane friend, Shayne. I got to visit the kids ministry his group runs, as well as watch a cricket tournament and meet a group of couch surfers. I met someone from Greenland! I've never met anyone from Greenland before!

This week continues to be full on. After returning to Sydney I will drive to Brisbane and from there fly to Keri Keri in NZ for kids camp with Ruth and Jon. Please pray as I am still working on the talks. The theme of camp is the amazing race. I will talk about the amazing sheep race. One member of the team is a sheep that represents us. Think Isaiah 53:6 (do ba ba) and the lost sheep. The other member of the team is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Please pray that the real message of our lostness and Christ's saving-ness will not be lost in the allegory.

Thanks for checking in again. Thanks for praying. If I am stopping near where you live for more than 5 mins I would love to catch up over a coffee or some other substitute beverage.


· Thank God for a great trip

· Pray for my upcoming time in Ukraine

· Kids Camp in NZ

· Travel safety driving this week


Dan and Xan for a wonderful week in Chiang Mai


Great Pic! Thanks for the mention!

3 years ago

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